Area Rug Maintenance


The Top 5 Ways To Care For Your Area Rugs

When you own an area rug, it is an investment and like any investment it needs care and attention.

Here are the top 5 ways to help make your area rugs last a lifetime…

  1. To get the maximum value out of your area rug it is best to get it expertly cleaned by professionals every one to two years depending on foot traffic.
  2. Vacuuming the top and back of your area rug regularly is the best defense against abrasion, pre-mature wear and moth infestation.
  3. Having the correct pad under your area rug protects your floors from scratching and your area rug from stretching and warping out of shape.
  4. Getting spills and spots taken care of before they become stains extends the life of your area rugs and your love for it. Come in to Luv-A-Rug for your free bottle of wool safe spot remover.
  5. Repairing small holes and frays before they are become bigger saves you money and your area rug.

 Plus if you are storing your rugs for any length of time it is best to get them cleaned and wrapped properly. This protects your rugs from moths, pests, dust, and humidity.

Always roll up and remove your rugs from the rooms your are renovating. No matter if it is you yourself doing the renos or a professional company. Accidents can happen and not every one will respect your belongings. The video shows how not to use rugs during renos and how to get fired very quickly. 

Following these recommendations helps your rugs last longer and saves you money too.

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