Badgering Rugs

rugbadger and dirtWith all the talk about going ‘Green’ these days you’d think it was a new concept. Green  cleaning products are popping up everywhere, companies are bombarding you with ads saying that they only use the most natural products and the hype goes on. Luv-A-Rug has been cleaning ‘green’ since we started cleaning area rugs. You cannot get much greener than water, soap and air.

We also use a machine that helps your rug be ‘greener’ for your home. It is the Rug Badger and it is the first step of our cleaning process and quite possibly the most important step in area rug cleaning.

The Rug Badger is designed to do what grandma did with her rugs and a beater over the clothesline every spring, only faster and with no effort by you. We put your area rug upside down over a grid and gently (with 40,000 harmonic vibrations) vibrate all the dirt, allergens, grit and dust mites out. This is the dirt that can make your area rugs look dull and make it look old fast. Area rugs are dirty way before they look dirty.

Everyday your area rugs are collecting dirt/allergens deep down to the bottom of their fibers. Area rugs can store up to one third of their weight in hidden dirt/allergens without looking dirty! It is not uncommon for us to badger out 2-3 lbs of hidden dirt from area rugs that do not ‘look’ dirty.

To test to see if your area rugs are hiding a dirty little secret turn them upside-down, lift one end and gently tap the back with a paddle, tennis racket, or broom handle a couple of times or vacuum the area rug upside down. If any dirt falls out, your area rugs are not as clean and healthy as you want them.

Luv-A-Rug has a Badger Only process that we can do to freshen up your area rugs. The Badgering does not rid your rugs of any spots, stains, or odours. It takes a couple of days turn around for badgering, so when you have unexpected guests arriving and don’t have time to get your rugs fully cleaned this is a good alternative. That way you know your rugs are free of the loose dirt. 

Now you know our dirty little secret can rid your area rug of it’s dirty little secret