Before And After Rug Repair

There are many things that can cause damage to your beautiful area rugs:

  •     New puppy chews a corner
  •     The vacuum eats away the fringes
  •     Water/flood damage
  •     Pet Urine
  •     Moth damage
  •     Potted Plant over flows
  •     Age/wear
  •     Red wine spills

When we experience any of these our first thought is that the rug is ruined. That is not always the case. Most of the time the damage can be repaired. It all depends on the type of rug you have, what kind of damage it has, the sentimental or monetary value of your rug and what you are wanting to invest into the repairs.

Luv-A-Rug does many types of rug repairs including

  • authentic hand repairs
  • carpet binding
  • fringe removal
  • cotton, silk and wool fringe repair
  • fringe replacement
  • serging or binding the edges of rugs
  • reweaving holes.

We also bind carpet leftovers to make area mats for entryways, for your boat and for the kids play room. This is a perfect way to get a rug that fits in front of the fireplace, a round or oval rug or a rug to fit those areas where a traditional rug won’t work.

Bring in any piece of carpet and the size and shape you need and we will bind the edges and guarantee the binding for 5 years. If the binding comes off for any reason we will replace it at no cost. For boat carpet you can bring in a new piece of carpet and the old carpet (we need it for the template) and we will bind the edges and can cut holes for the table and around seats and consoles.

Here are some of the repairs, before and after, we have done to area rugs at Luv-A-Rug (click on arrows to scroll through the slide show)

  • Wool Belgium rug with tattered cotton fringes
    Before: Belgium rug with tattered fringes