Why Area Rugs Curl

  Why Area Rugs Curl   Have you ever wondered why area rugs curl? In this post we’ll answer this question and tell you what your best solutions are to preventing it from happening to you.   One of the biggest problems people have with area rugs is the fact that the ends of a […]

Are Area Rugs On Carpet OK?

  Are Area Rugs On Carpet OK?   Are area rugs on carpet ok? Have you ever wondered if area rugs are ok to put on carpet? Or maybe you’ve wanted to add a splash of color or personality to your boring beige carpeted floors and asked the question will area rugs ruin my carpet? […]

They brought in a rug that fends off snakes

It may not look like it but I’m more in the story-telling business than the area rug carpet cleaning business. It sounds like a really strange thing to say, right? But here’s the thing about what I do. I know a lot of history that’s behind many of the hand woven rugs that come into […]