Frequently Asked Questions

Q-How do I know that you are a professional rug care studio and not just a fake?
A-Because Luv-A-Rug’s team is always thrilled to give you a behind the scenes “cooks tour” of our rug washing studio where you can see us wash real rugs.  Carpet cleaners who are fake rug washers would never let you see what they do because they work out of a garage or a car port instead of an actual rug cleaning facility.

Q-I’m not sure if my rug is even worth cleaning. If it is not worth
cleaning will you tell me the truth?
A-Our goal is to have a very happy client that will use us again and
recommend us to their family and friends. We always tell you exactly
what to expect for results before we start and then we guarantee the
expectations. If your rug is not going to clean up ok we will tell you
the truth before we start.

Q-When can I drop off a rug?
A- 6am-1pm Tuesday-Friday; 8am-3.30 Saturday;
Closed Sunday, Monday and Statuary holidays. You can call to book an afternoon appointment.

Q-Where are you?
A- 445 Beta street off Alpha Street in the Mayfair-Burnside area.
Look for our Sandwich board signs or use your GPS

Q. Will you unload my rug(s) from my car?
A. Yes, we will be delighted. Just come in our door and we will
happily unload your rugs.

Q. Can you Pick-up my rugs and then deliver when finished?
A. Yes, you can request our pick up and delivery service which is
available all over Victoria, Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands.

Q-How long does it take?
A- Up to 2 weeks. Rush orders can be requested

Q-What method or system do you use?
A-We always start with a full pre-inspection of your rugs and then we will let you know exactly what the cost is with a written price, exactly what you can expect for results and a guarantee that we will meet these expectations. We may recommend other cleaning or repair services and this is certainly optional.

  1. All cleaning work starts with a Badgering process. This is the equivalent of what grandma used to do by hanging up the rug over a line, except our Badgering is safe and gentle. This will remove the damaging dry soils that will not come out with vacuuming or even the cleaning process.
  2. Next step is where we custom match our cleaning process to your rugs needs. We do this with a safe bleed and shrinkage test and our considerable knowledge of fine rugs. We have all processes available to us from full safe washing all the way to chemical free dry cleaning. We always guarantee no damage with our WoolSafe cleaning procedures.Rugs are always cleaned one at a time and we never put your rugs in a tub with bleaching agents and other peoples rugs where cross contamination and bleeding from other rugs will damage your rugs.
  3. After cleaning we hang the rugs in our climate controlled dry room and then we post inspect your rugs and reclean as needed.
  4. Before rolling up completed rugs we always test for any moisture with our moisture detector. We will then call you to advise you that your rug is ready and we always roll out your rug for you to inspect to make sure that our service has meet with our guaranteed expectations.

Q-Is my rug insured while in your care?
A-Yes, all orders are insured for theft, loss and accidental damage.

Q-Can you get the odour of my rug?
A-Yes, you can request our Guaranteed pet odour control treatment

Q-My rug is damaged. Can you fix it?
A-Yes, we do all kinds of repairs and we authentic Persian weavers on staff who can can repair any of your hand knotted rugs

Oriental Rug Repair Victoria BC


Q-My rug is Wool/Silk, are you qualified to clean it?
A-Yes, aside from caring for the very finest rugs on Vancouver island
for years, we are proud to be a WoolSafe certified company!

Q- I am concerned about chemicals. Will my rugs be safe for my children or pets?
A-We are also very concerned about chemicals. We use the very safest
cleaning solutions not only for your children/pets safety but for our
own health. In fact, were proud that even our guaranteed protective finish is EPA approved for the environment.

Q-I think my rug is valuable. Can you appraise it?
A-Yes, we offer an appraisal service where we will give you both a
retail and wholesale value plus historical info about your rug!

Do you have a question not answered above?
If you have any questions whatsoever about your rug (or our company) please don’t hesitate to contact us.

We would love to help you in anyway we can!

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