Horse Blanket Cleaning

Horse Blanket Cleaning & Repairs
 By Luv-A-Rug

Is it time for you to get some horse blanket cleaning done again?

Your horse blankets are an investment to be protected.

With regular cleaning and repairs the life of your horse blankets will be considerably extended.

Horse blanket cleaning victoria bc

The horse blanket cleaning solutions we use are chemical free, perfume free, hypoallergenic and eco-safe



Blanket Cleaning


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Here is just a sample of all the services we can do for your horse blankets
We also can remove horse lice from your blankets without using poisons or pesticides.

We'll even do small repairs for free if you make a small donation to the SPCA! Check out the special "Caring For Horses" page at the SPCA here.

Never Try To Clean A Horse Blanket In Your Home Washer

Never attempt to wash a dirty horse blanket in your home washing machine.  That is a guaranteed way of shortening the life of your machine. 

horse blanket cleaning to get rid of dirt, fungus, fecesThe amount of dirt, fungus, bacteria and manure on the horse blanket is more than your machine 
can handle and the possibility of contaminating your own clothing with germs is extremely high.

Instead, let Luv-A-Rug handle all your horse blanket cleaning and repair needs.

Our special equipment can easily handle the great demands horse blankets place on it and our repair team can fix most of the common damages horses make to the blankets.

horse blanket cleaning to prevent skin problems on horsesGetting your horse blankets cleaned regularly not only helps prevent skin problems on your horses but it makes the investment you made investment last longer.  A small repair today can prevent a large repair or replacement later (and you know that an unrepaired blanket will deteriorate a lot more quickly).

Horse Blanket Cleaning Victoria BC Chanel
Here is "Chanel" with her freshly cleaned blanket!
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