How We Clean Rugs

Ask about our GUARANTEED Pet odour control.

Area rugs are as individual as people and need to be treated with the same care and respect as we would for other prized possessions. To restore your rug to it’s best possible condition we have a thorough and safe WoolSafe cleaning process.

Our Safe 7 step cleaning program

1.INSPECTION AND GUARANTEE. With every area rug we first do a visual inspection and let you know what kind of results to expect from the cleaning and recommend any optional repairs to extend the life of your area rug. We give you a written price and guarantee before we start any work on your order.

2. BADGERING FOR DRY SOIL REMOVAL. Next your rug gets 40,000 of gentle vibrations a minute by our RugBadger. This removes the deeply embedded apprehensive soils that vacuums all fail to remove. The process alone can extend the life of your rugs many times over!

3.PRE-TEST FOR SAFE AND EFFECTIVE CLEANING. Before we do any cleaning on your rug it is always tested for colour fastness and shrinkage. This allows us to custom match our cleaning to your rugs needs. We have all processes and skills to safely clean your rugs from Full Safe hand washing all the way to chemical free dry cleaning. We never wash your rugs in a tub or machine with other clients rugs where cross contamination and dye bleed will happen. We are proud to be a WoolSafe cleaning company and we subscribe to safe practices.

4. HAND CLEANING OF FRINGES. We hand clean your rugs fringes to ensure they will look their very best. We never use bleaching agents on your fringes as this will degrade them very quickly.

5. FULL DRYING. After our full and safe cleaning/washing your rug is then hung in our humidity and heat controlled still drying room. Being a still drying room this ensures that your rug is not beat up by a tumble dry. All rugs are tested with our moisture gauge before they are pulled off. No nails are ever used to hang your rugs.

6. POST INSPECTION. We inspect your rugs on hands and knees. If we see or smell any issues we will reclean as needed for no extra charge.

7. FINISHED. We call you as soon as your order is finished. We will open and present the rug to you. We guarantee that you will be so thrilled with the results that you will want to recommend us or we will clean again. In the unlikely event we fail to clean to your satisfaction we will give you a full and instant refund.


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