My auction bought wool carpet came back looking like it was brand new

area rug carpet cleaning 5 star reviewThere are a lot of companies out there that claim they can clean rugs. The results they are able to produce only end up disappointing their customers.

But our team here at Luv-A-Rug really know and love rugs and as a result we routinely perform what looks like miracles.

That’s exactly what one customers discovered about us when she brought a rug in previously cleaned by another company.

Here is her story…


I got my carpet from the auction, and had it cleaned by another company.

I wasn’t satisfied with the cleaning and explained that they couldn’t remove some stains.

I decided to wait for another year and called LUV-A-RUG to see if they could do a better job.

To my delight and amazement, my wool carpet came back looking like it must have looked when it was brand new.

The colours are vibrant and the rug smells clean and fresh.

LUV-A-RUG was even able to remove the stains I was told couldn’t come out, by the first cleaner I tried last year.

I would definitely recommend LUV-A-RUG to anyone needing their carpets cleaned.

Stephen Roberts, Team Leader at LUV-A-RUG, even gave me a bottle of spot cleaner to keep my carpet as beautiful as it is now.

Jeanette A
Victoria, BC
Feb 1, 2018


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