Old, torn, 9×12 moth eaten Persian rug made to look NEW again

area rug carpet cleaning 5 star reviewIt’s amazing to see how old rugs (about to be thrown out) can suddenly become a valuable family heirloom.

Like this story a customer recently sent in about a torn, moth infested rug.

What most peole do not realize is how often a rug that looks ready for the junk heap can actually be made to look like new again.

Fortunately this customer knew (and now you do too). Here is her story…


While visiting my son, recently, he asked, with a chuckle, if I wanted an old, nearly fringeless, 9×12 Persian rug from his great-grandfather’s house.

It had holes an inch across, similar sized moth eaten patches and moth eggs littering the surface.

My son was joking and about to put it in the garbage but, I jumped at it!

I love restoring things and knew if it could be done that Luv-a-Rug was the place to take it.

The poor thing had probably never been cleaned properly.

The colours came up so vibrant and all the major damage has been repaired, seamlessly.

The cost was reasonable, I thought, and now the rug is worth several times what I paid. The beauty, not the value, of family history is the important thing.


Dee M. Todd
Victoria, BC
Jan 29, 2018


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