Sarouk Area Rug Cleaning In Victoria BC

Sarouk Area Rug Cleaning
In Victoria BC

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Of all the Persian rugs and carpets brought to North America, the ones that have been the most loved are the Sarouk rugs

One of the main reasons the Sarouk rugs were so popular is the fact that they were thick and durable. Since many North Americans in the early part of the 20th century wore shoes in the home, these rugs held up extremely well.

How Sarouk Area Rugs Are Made

One interesting fact about Sarouk rugs was that during the time between the 1920's through to the 1940's American customers loved their curvilinear and floral designs but not the color.

So rugs exported from Iran during that period would get "painted" with dye to give it a deeper raspberry-red color once they landed in the States.

One of the ways to identify if you have a Sarouk rug is by looking for...

  • blue weft threads

  • salmon or tomato-red color mixed with ivory and blues

  • and a very traditional, floral style.

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