Stuffed Animal Cleaning Service in Victoria BC

Stuffed Animal Cleaning Service
In Victoria BC

Are you looking for a stuffed animal cleaning service in Victoria BC?

Has your child's stuffed animals somehow escaped your house and into the yard only to come back in completely filthy?

Oh sure, to hear them tell it, it was nothing but some innocent fun.

It always starts off with one stuffed toy daring another to do something. Then before you know it, they're outside doing something silly like walking on a tight rope before losing their balance and splashing into the water.

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Make Your Child's Stuffed Animals
Look Like New Again


Or maybe your daughter brought her favourite stuffy outside to play with and it got a little dirty or damaged.

I know how attached kids can get to toys - especially their favourite stuffed animals.

So it's important to know Luv-A-Rug can clean, sanitize and make your stuffed animal look almost like new again.

You Can Be A Hero!

Whether your child's stuffed animal got soaked in some nasty water, dropped into mud, or even suffered smoke damage, be sure to Bring it to us here at Luv-A-Rug.

We'll work our magic on it and have it looking like new so you can be a hero to your child for saving their favourite stuffy.

(By the way...some of that magic includes taking care of any little mishaps and repairs - all of which are done with a whole lot of LOVE!)

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So If You Need A Stuffed Animal Cleaning Service In Victoria BC, Bring It To...


Luv-A-Rug Services Inc
445 Beta Street
Victoria BC
Ph: (250) 590-6210