Survival Suit Cleaning

Survival Suit Cleaning
By Luv-A-Rug

Survival suit cleaning is one of the best ways to make your investment last a long time.

If you own a whale watching or fishing charter company, keeping your survival suits clean is an integral part making a lasting positive impression on your clients. The last thing you want is start reading on trip advisor how your customers were put off having to wear a  smelly, grimy suit.

If you own private sailboat and wear your survival suit regularly then not only will it be dirty on the outside, it likely has a strong odor to it too. Much like hockey sporting equipment, the cause of the smell is due to bacteria and today's antibiotic resistant strains like MRSA are extremely dangerous.

If your skin gets even a small cut or scratch and comes in contact with the MRSA bacteria you can get a serious staph infections (read this article from Dr. Clay J. Cockerell, M.D about sailors who get staph infections).

Luv-A-Rug's Soft Contents Wash System kills 99.9999% of staph and MRSA bacteria deep into the padding without damaging the survival suit.

W also can inspect and repair any damage the suit may have sustained while being worn, thereby making sure the integrity of the suit remains intact and is able to function properly in case who ever is wearing is thrown overboard into our frigid West coast waters.


How Long Can The MRSA Bacteria Live On Surfaces?
The MRSA virus can live

  • for up to 8 weeks on a mop head
  • for up to 9 weeks on a cotton towel
  • for up to 203 days (over 6 months) on a blanket
  • indefinitely on the skin of otherwise healthy individuals, with no symptoms

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