A puppy stained rug


We took 2 rugs in that were pretty dirty and needed scotch guarding as well.

They looked great when we picked them up and were treated very well by the guys at Luv-A-Rug.

We will be taking one of the area rugs back for recleaning as about 2 days after we got the rugs home we got a puppy and I’m afraid we have a whole bunch of new stains to contend with!

We will wait until the puppy is fully house trained before we attempt another clean!

Thank goodness for the scotch guarding!

Carol P.
Victoria BC

[Editors Note: We told Carol to return the rugs to us for a re-cleaning. She has a 6 month stain warranty with the protective finish we applied to her rug! There is no cost at all to her for us to reclean it, and we let her know it would be best to get the “puppy stained” rug back to us ASAP].

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