Big Cat Pee Spot On Our Area Rug Had Us Retching

Funny image of a cat about to have an pee accident on an area rug
Cat about to pee on an area rug

Thanks, Dusty, for the friendly and professional experience.

We had a non-special rug from Home Depot about 10 years old and after that many years of at least 6 hairy animals, two kids and more, there have been more nightmares on that rug than we’d care to share.

A new, big cat pee spot had us retching, and the enzyme stuff we normally use didn’t work.  So, after kicking the rug outside for a week, we broke down to have it properly cleaned.

Upon pick-up within the quoted window, Dusty sniffed the edges of the rolled carpet, and he wasn’t 100% satisfied that it was 100% smell-free, so he asked if he could clean it again, and have it ready in two days, despite it having the 6-month guarantee.

The rug is now back in place, and is much nicer looking, and smelling!

The experience was great, Dusty was professional and helpful, and obviously takes great pride in his work.  Thanks a bundle for giving the rug another 10 years to absorb hard living. 🙂

Christine W. Victoria BC


Image of how big a pet urine stain is on an area rug
The actual area of damage on your area rug when a cat pees on it