I am absolutely thrilled with the job they did

area rug carpet cleaning 5 star reviewWhen it comes to area rug carpet cleaning we love to discover we thrilled our clients.

Over time area rug carpets get subjected to a whole lot of wear and tear that can make them look like they’re old, dirty and worn.

But at Luv-A-Rug we specialize in area rug carpet cleaning and can perform what to many of our customers seems like little miracles.

Instead of looking old, tired and worn, their carpets look and feel soft and fluffy – almost like new again. And of they had any those really nasty spots? Well, see for yourself what this customer had to say about theirs…

I have just had my carpets cleaned and I am absolutely thrilled with the job they did. James and Shane did the actual work on them and they look like new. They were really dirty in some places and now you can’t tell where the places were. They took them away and were only gone for about a week.

I would recommend LuvARug to everyone.

Beverly Sorenson
Victoria BC

May 20-2016


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