Luv-A-Rug Got Rid Of The Severe Sour Smell In Our Rug

Luv-a-rug-best-area-rug-cleaner-5-star-ratingOften when your rug gets damaged because of some type flooding, a restoration company will try to clean your rugs as part of their restoration program.

But as you area about to see, not all restoration companies know how handle rugs properly.

The rug that we got back from Luv-A-Rug was not the same smelly rug that the restoration company returned to us after drying it and storing it until the repairs in the basement from water damage were complete.

The sour smell from the rug was so severe we could not leave it in the house. We considered taking it to the dump, but decided to see if Luv-A-Rug could resurrect it.

Steve inspected the rug carefully, said it had not been dried properly, hence the strong sour smell.

After 3 much needed washings and proper drying, the rug was returned to us in less time than the estimated time line. We now have a rug that looks as good as, if not better than, the day we bought it, and completely odour free.

We are very happy with our “new” rug.

We appreciated Steve’s honesty about the cost to clean the rug and his willingness to speak with the insurance adjuster if necessary.

Your company’s customer service is definitely 5 Stars.

Thank you.

Marion M.
Victoria BC

Just remember: When you’re looking for someone to do your area rug cleaning in Victoria BC, your best bet it to take it to a company who can handle EVERY kind of Rug problem. Even problems caused by other companies.


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