Middle Eastern Rug Had New Colours Revealed After Cleaning

Luv-a-rug-best-area-rug-cleaner-5-star-ratingHave you got dull looking and slightly worn rugs?

Because you see your rugs everyday you may have forgotten how bright and colourful they really are. Here is what one customer said after they picked up their rugs from Luv-A-Rug:

“When searching for the very reliable LUG-A-RUG to clean my rugs after some years – The LUV-A-RUG name kept popping up.

So I Called – are you the same people? YES !!

Good stuff. Dusty and crew, took away three major middle eastern large rugs. Gone for three weeks during the summer – we actually enjoyed the bare wood floors during the hot spell.

We are thrilled with the deep cleaning and new colours revealed, and restoration work on edges that were slightly worn.

Cleaning takes some time to be done correctly – do it.”

Carole M.
Victoria BC



Thanks for the kind comments. It was certainly a pleasure to clean an repair you very fine rugs and to do business with you again. Do have a wonderful day.
Stephen “Dusty” Roberts
Team Leader
Luv-a-rug Services Inc.
Area Rug with new bright colours revealed after cleaning
Cleaned Area Rug Reveals New Bright Colors That Were Hidden


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