My boat carpet cleaner than I have seen in years

area rug carpet cleaning 5 star reviewArea rug carpets come in all shapes and sizes. Round, square, oval, rectangle, trapezoid and even boat shaped.

Boat shaped? Well actually what I mean are fitted carpets that come out of a boat.

You see it doesn’t really matter the size and shape an area rug carpet is. What matters to us is the condition we are able to restore it to after we have finished cleaning it. We do our very best to make every area rug carpet look like it did when it was new – especially boat carpets.

Speaking of boats carpets, here is what one sailor told us about the boat carpet we cleaned for him…

I have a 35′ classic wooden Chriscraft boat and the loose carpet was very soiled from last season.

I realized at the last moment that the carpet was embarrasingly soiled so I took it to Luv a rug for a proper full cleaning. I asked if they could get it done in a 3 day window and they surprised me when they said yes.

A special thanks to Dusty, Shane and the rest of the team for getting the carpet cleaner then I have seen in years. 

Bon Voyage. 

Cecil Donovan
Victoria BC

June 7-2016


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