My embarrassing pet stained rug is pretty again

Luv-a-rug-best-area-rug-cleaner-5-star-ratingPet stains are often the biggest problem area rug owners need to contend with.

Even though the stains, the odor and the embarrassment presents a problem for people who own pets and rugs, it is never a problem for Luv-A-Rug to wash those things away.

Here is what one rug owner said about their experience with us…

The friendly people at Luv-a-Rug have turned our unpleasant pet-stained and grimy wool rug into a fresh-smelling, bright, soft rug again!

While we were warned that the extensive pet stains, (caused by months of frequent doggy “accidents”) would not come out completely, we are very pleased with the fact that the discolored areas are barely noticeable now.

This rug has gone from being an embarrassment to a respectable pretty rug again!

Luv-a-Rug has given this old rug a new lease on life. (They’ve given us useful tips on how to manage any future pet accidents too.)

Bridgit S.
Victoria BC


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