Our large and dusty Shiraz area rug required minor repairs and major cleaning

rating-4Sometimes (quite by accident) we overlook something in our cleaning process that has a customer’s area rug carpet not quite as clean as they would have liked.

It’s can be a bit disappointing not just for the customer but for us too. Mistakes happen in life (we are human after all!) and so we do the only thing we know how to do: Take FULL responsibility for it.

Recently we ran into a situation just like this and our customer decided to write about what happened and what we did to take care of it…

best shiraz area rug carpet cleaning victoria bcI brought in our large and dusty Shiraz that required minor repairs and major dusting; as well as 2 smaller kilim (one of them is a fine one) which required repairs.

Luv-A-Rug provided reliable and excellent service!

Starting from contacting us with a quote for the repairs in a timely manner, to following through with the timeline as promised, and the high-quality repairs.

We were very happy with the repairs and initially not so happy with the cleaning. When we expressed this to Luv-A-Rug, they provided another cleaning for the Shiraz as well as pick up & delivery free of charge, which we were very pleased about.

They stand behind their promises.

We feel that our rugs were well cared for by the Luv-ely and professional people at Luv-A-Rug!

We are happy with the outcomes and will definitely recommend them to other Oriental rug owners!

Naama S.
Cobble Hill BC


Shiraz rugs are almost always woven in a style that displays small medallions or geometric figures throughout the rug. Typically made with strong reds and brown colors, a Shiraz rug is extremely hard wearing and are perfect for wooden floors.


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