Teenagers artfully concealed the stain they made on our rug

Luv-a-rug-best-area-rug-cleaner-5-star-ratingTeenagers can rain havoc down on all kinds of things.

Especially on area rugs they try to clean in a panic after their unauthorized party ends.

Here is what one parent discovered happened to their area rug months after the party was over…

teenager on area rug in victoria bcYour teenagers have an unauthorized party when you were not at home?

Maybe a drink (or two) spilled on the nice living room area rug along with numerous other unknown marks? Good teenagers might clean up after party (hopefully so you don’t discover there was a party, at all), but scrub as they might with every kind of general cleaning agent in the cupboard (none intended for use on the nice thick cotton area rug) the stains remained and were artfully concealed under furniture by turning the rug around – only to be discovered a year later.

Only when the Christmas tree tipped the contents of its water bucket onto the same rug did we discover last year’s stain. Now we had two stains to deal with.

The friendly team at Luv-a-rug warned us that the brushes and harsh cleaners used last year may have damaged the rug, but they would do their best.

Not only did they get the stain out and recover the rug to its original state, they also did it much quicker than scheduled so we had the rug back in place in no time.

Very friendly and informative. Great service. I will take all of my rugs back there again.

Brett and Lisa Hill
Victoria BC


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