The vibrant colours were even clearer and the wool had a sheen

Luv-a-rug-best-area-rug-cleaner-5-star-ratingYour rugs are an important part of your home. They might be an heirloom you inherited from your grandparents or something you bought second hand.

Either way rugs that have a bit of age to them tend to lose their vibrant colors. Not because of wear but rather a fine coating of dirt on all fibers that makes them look dull.

But when we hand wash it for you, guess what happens? Pretty much the same thing this happy customer discovered…

My newly purchased second hand carpet appeared clean, but I asked Luv-A-Rug to clean it for me, which they did by hand.  When I picked it up I was very pleased that the vibrant colours were even clearer and the wool had a sheen, on the front and the back of the carpet.

On each visit I was given interesting and important information regarding rugs and their care.  The people at Luv-A-Rug really do appreciate the beauty of the rugs and work to bring out their beauty and preserve them in good condition.  They take very good care of the rugs and excellent care of their customers.

Marie Carolan
Victoria BC

April 28-2016


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