Our vintage Moroccan wool area rug carpet looked spectacular

area rug carpet cleaning 5 star reviewYou never know where you’ll find a great looking used wool area rug carpet these days.

Sometimes you’ll find one in a thrift store, a flea market, at an auction or a garage sale. Whatever the case, everyone usually wants to get their area rug carpet cleaned at Luv-A-Rug because no one wants to live with someone else’s dirt.

And that’s when we get to really surprise people who bring in these rugs.


By getting them so clean they look like and smell like new again. Or like what one customer recently said about how their carpet looked: “Spectacular”. Check it out…

From the moment we contacted Luv-A-Rug via the net, we were impressed.

Not only did we receive a confirmation email but the next morning, we got a phone call . We took our rug, a garage sale find, into Victoria and were given a tour of the facilities by Stephen, and were more than impressed.

He thoroughly inspected our carpet, a vintage Moroccan wool, and recommended how it should be cleaned and treated. He pointed out the stains that we inherited with the rug and said that they would do their best to remove them.

A few weeks later we went to pick it up and it was spectacular..and it certainly smelled a lot better too. We would highly recommend Stephen and his wonderful team.

Victoria, BC
June 7, 2016


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