We were thrilled with how well the Persian Rugs turned out


My 82 year old mother brought her 3 small Persian rugs and one larger handmade wool Greek rug to my house to hang on the clothes line to beat-the-dirt-out.

After a few minutes I could see the rugs needed more that this and deserved a good cleaning.

A few years ago, my mom had given our teenage daughter an Afghani kilim which also needed cleaning. However, it had come unstitched making it an uneven 40-60 split now 2 piece “rug”.

We were thrilled with how well all the pieces turned out once cleaned.

While the Persian rugs had some small potential repairs I did not proceed with them because getting the rugs cleaned was my birthday gift to my mom.

Eventually I will get those rugs in my house and will reevaluate.

To be sure, I would choose Luv-A-Rug again! Dusty was very enthusiastic to work with. They thankfully created an outstanding one piece kilim for my daughter’s room.


Laura-Lyn H.
Victoria BC