You Brought Our 50 Year Old Family Heirloom Rug Back To Life

Luv-a-rug-best-area-rug-cleaner-5-star-ratingIf you have an area rug that is a special family heirloom, you have a treasure that can only increase in value – but only if it’s given the kind of care and attention Luv-A-Rug can give it to make it last for generations.

Discover how one family was surprised that Luv-A-Rug was able to restore a family heirloom they thought little could be done with…

Our family had an old rug that had been hanging on the wall of our cottage for the past fifty years.

Time had taken it’s toll on this picturesque scene of New Zealand and we doubted little could be done to restore it.

Luv-A-Rug has done a great job cleaning and refurbishing our rug.

Now with a proper backing that they installed, we can hang it for another 50 years.

Thank you for bringing our Family Heirloom back to life!

Tom & Shirley B.
Victoria BC


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