We did not recognize a couple of the carpets

area rug carpet cleaning 5 star reviewSo you know what I love about the area rug carpet cleaning business?

It’s the amazing array of rugs I see from around the world. Customers come in all the time with the most fascinating pieces.

Sometimes they bring in with not just one interesting rug but rather a bunch of them. Like what happened recently when a customer when through their father’s home and decided all his carpets needed cleaning. He had quite a collection of them including ones from Iran, Turkey and Mexico. The carpets were beautiful but the customer had no idea just how beautiful until they were washed and then couldn’t even recognize them anymore.

See for yourself…

We brought in a collection of carpets from my Fathers home to be cleaned. Some were from Mexico and some here from Turkey and Iran. All needed cleaning badly and some needed repairs.

Dusty looked at the carpets, gave me information about the age and origin of the carpets. Luv-A-Rug did a great job.

All the repairs are excellent and the rugs look like new! In fact we didn’t recognize a couple of the carpets as the original colour had reemerged!!!

We are very happy customers and have just take in 4 more carpets to be cleaned!

Terry H.
Victoria, BC
June 27, 2016


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