Wetsuit Odor Removal In Victoria BC

Wetsuit Odor Removal In Victoria BC

Are you looking for professional wetsuit odor removal in Victoria BC?

Whether you use your wetsuit for scuba diving, surfing, kayaking or for swimming in a triathalon, eventually it's going to get a funky kind of smell.

A smell that you are not going to like and will want to get rid of sooner rather than later.

Why? Mainly because that smell is not just from being in the ocean - it's from bacteria living inside your suit.

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A Nasty Experience with Wetsuit Bacteria

The following story came from Spearboad.com - The World's Largest Spearfishing Diving Boating Social Media Forum.

It details what can happen to you if you don't proactively do anything about wetsuit odor removal. Check it out...

Wetsuit Rash Caused By Bacteria
Wetsuit Rash Caused By Bacteria

I always wash my suit after a weekend or day of diving. My washing usually consists of spraying the suit out with fresh water. And leaving it someplace to dry. Well, sometimes after I wash the wetsuit and return one or two weeks later. I find the inside of the suit to still be wet and moist! Sometimes the suit would be a bit smelly. Never thought of it as too serious a problem... until now!

This is my first open cell wetsuit. And it seems through my prolonged negligence and stupidity, I have paid the price.

After this weekends diving. I have now developed a zit-like rash on the back of my left leg (Where it usually chafes, back of knees). Also some on my calfs, front legs, thighs, forearm, bicep, back, damn nipple, and armpit.

The areas of irritation look like small whitehead zits with a red-ring area around them.

All I can say is (editor- sorry had to delete this!). This feels like it is going to be a shi**y ride.

Now to my question... How do I eradicate the bacteria from the suit without damaging it? I am sure I'm not the first to have faced this problem.

(you can read the rest here...)

How To Prevent Bacterial Wetsuit Rash
From Happening To You


How do you eradicate the bacteria from the suit without damaging it?

The answer is to bring into Luv-A-Rug.

Luv-A-Rug's Special Soft Contents Wash System kills 99.9999% of bacteria located deep into the suit without damaging the neoprene. After the cleaning is done your wetsuit is dried overnight and smells great again. 

When Should Your Wetsuit Be Professionally Cleaned, Sanitized and Made Odor Free?

How often should you bring your wetsuit in for professional cleaning?

That all depends on how well you take care of your suit after using it. Some people properly clean and dry their suits religiously after every use so they only need to bring it in once or twice a year.

But the rule of thumb is, once you begin to notice that familiar funky wetsuit odor - it's best to bring it in to us so you can avoid any nasty rashes or infections. 

By the way - if your skin has an open cut and comes in contact with the bacteria in your suit - that can really spell trouble. Check out our post on what happens to hockey players if their bacteria filled equipment comes in contact with their skin - click here.

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