Why this is the second time they used Luv-A-Rug

Experiences speak volumes and tends to influence us in many ways.

I mean if you went to a restaurant and had an awful meal smothered with horrible service you’re likely not going to back there again, right?

Right, the bad experience will prevent you from ever going there again.

But if you had a great meal, over the top service and left really happy – would you go back?

Of course you would – the experience there would chatter on in the back of your mind trying to convince you to return and have more.

Then there’s the whole realm of other people.

The experiences other people have had can be just as powerful.

Whether it’s a conversation with a  friend or one you overheard two people having any positive experiences they tell about a business they went to makes it easy to decide if you’ll go there to.

Speaking of overhearing someone talk about a positive experience they had at a place recently – here is one about a traditional rug they had cleaned you might be interested in…